Personal in-office ablation testimonial

Identifying Patient Candidates

You can make a difference.

Because one in four women suffers from abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), finding potential candidates for Her Option® cryoablation therapy may be as simple as asking a few questions.

The following list will help you determine if your patients have experienced some of the common symptoms of AUB.

Questions to ask your patients

  • Does your period last longer than seven days?
  • Do you use more than three pads or tampons per day?
  • Do you need to double up on feminine protection or change protection during the night?
  • Do you become fatigued or short of breath due to your heavy bleeding?
  • Do you experience depression or moodiness during your period?
  • Does your heavy bleeding interfere with your regular lifestyle (i.e. physical activities, intimacy, career, recreation, self-confidence)?
  • Have you missed work because of your periods?
  • Do you experience constant pain, severe cramps or headaches during your period?
  • Do you experience irregular periods?
  • Does your menstrual flow include large clots?
  • Do you avoid leaving home for fear of accidents?