Description of cryoablation benefits

Clinical Results

Measurable results for your patients.

Abnormal uterine bleeding affects one in four American women. The condition impacts every aspect of these women’s lives, from the clothes they wear to their level of physical activity and overall health. Many are not aware that their condition can be treated in the comfort of your office.

Global endometrial ablation (GEA)

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently developed new practice guidelines recommending global endometrial ablation (GEA) therapy as a first approach to reducing bleeding for premenopausal women who:

  • are done having children
  • experience AUB symptoms due to benign causes

These guidelines establish "normalization of bleeding" as the treatment goal of GEA therapy.

Clinical benefits of using Her Option

Her Option lets you deliver the benefits of GEA using a method that’s convenient and comfortable for your patients, and simple to administer. Additionally, the subzero temperatures of cryoablation provide a natural analgesic effect that improves patient comfort during the procedure.

The following data were gathered from prospective, multi-center studies evaluating the safety and effectiveness of Her Option extended treatment regimens.

Her Option benefits include:

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Significant reduction in bleeding

High patient satisfaction

Normalized bleeding or better

Minimal patient discomfort

Improvement in pain and mood symptoms associated with AUB and PMS

Long-term patient success