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Device Features and Specifications

A perfect fit for your practice.

Her Option® is easy to operate and requires only basic ultrasound skills. As a result, your staff will be able to navigate the two-button control unit without extensive training.



The Her Option device includes a console, a cryoprobe and a disposable control unit. A compressor inside the console comes fully charged with coolant and semi-hermetically sealed to prevent leaks.

When the system's freeze cycle is activated, gas exits the compressor and flows to the control unit. Here, it expands to a low pressure at the tip of the probe. As a result, a rapid temperature drop occurs causing freezing.

Gas returns to the compressor and circulates again. Once the freeze cycle has been deactivated, gas stops flowing to the probe and the cooling cycle ends. A heater inside the control unit brings the tip to 37°C so the control unit may be removed from the cryozone.

Safety Features

Controlled temperature zone - The Her Option device maintains a controlled temperature zone for patient safety and ease of use.

The controlled temperature zone:

  • is coldest near tip of probe (-120°C)
  • is warmest at the outer edge (-2°C)
  • destroys cells at -20°C
Ultrasound monitoring - Real-time ultrasound monitoring builds an extra level of safety into the procedure. You’ll be able to track your progress throughout the therapy and visualize the outer edge of the CryoZone to minimize scarring and harm to adjacent tissue.
CryoZone precision - Cell destruction occurs 2mm within the outer edge of the CryoZone and grows uniformly. In most cases, the slim probe tip requires no cervical dilation. Additionally, the insulated shaft protects the user and all non-targeted tissue.

System components and specifications

Her Option system consists of three equipment components:

Console: The console plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The front of this console houses the system controls and LCD display panel. Wheels with brakes allow for easy maneuverability. A storage compartment for the cryoprobe on the side of the console offers protection and cleanliness during storage.
Cryoprobe: The cryoprobe has a handle, a shaft and a flex line that connects the cryoprobe to the compressor housed within the console. The cryoprobe inserts into the disposable control unit, cooling the tip through conductive heat transfer.
Disposable probe: The single-use disposable control unit fits over the cryoprobe during the procedure. It houses the control buttons, LED light indicator, saline injection port, heater and thermocouple. Because it’s insulated, only the tip of the cryoprobe gets cold.