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For your convenience a list of the most frequently used reimbursement codes and their associated 2009 Medicare reimbursement rates by state have been supplied as a point of reference. Also provided is a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may be useful in filling.

Endometrial cryoablation therapy coding details

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2009 Medicare Reimbursement Rates

** 2008 GPCIs are the first year of the update transition, 2009 GPCIs are the fully implemented updated GPCIs
*indicates multiple carriers

Physician Payment Disclaimer: The information provided with this tool is general reimbursement information only. It is not legal advice, nor is it advice about how to code, complete or submit any particular claim for payment. While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information set forth,CooperSurgical, Inc. cannot guarantee reimbursement for any product or procedure. CMS may make adjustments to any or all of the data inputs from time to time. CPT code 58356 provides the most accurate description of the Her Option® procedure. Please see the descriptor for CPT code 58356 in the reimbursement section of this website. The payment amounts indicated are based upon information available on the Physician Fee Lookup on the Medicare website. All CPT codes are copyright American Medical Association.

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